The Recruitment Herald has been established with the aim of changing the way staff are recruited within the UK. This enables job-seekers to look and apply for the right job in the right area of the UK. Editions that cover the Northeast, Northwest, Midlands, Cumbria, Southeast and Southwest of the UK.

Once just a printed publication The Recruitment Herald is now also a digital recruitment solution for the UK. The Recruitment Herald offers you the opportunity to target your advertising straight to potential employees within hours of your booking, using our rapidly growing social media solution. This is then backed up by our bi-weekly digital magazine and print publication. The Recruitment Herald is available both via email to our growing subscription list, as a download and in print.

The newspapers are still a powerful source of information. Many people start the day with a coffee and a newspaper. They browse the news from the world or neighbourhood. They see the advertisement. Many people look quickly at the job opportunities advertised on the relevant pages. The newspapers have specialised sections for the job adverts. The advertisers compete for the visibility. The challenging task for the company is to cross the gap between reading the job adverts and sending the job application. The people tend to forget. They do not react. The newspaper advertisement has to be attractive enough to make them send the job resume.

The newspaper job advertising is one of the best recruitment sources for the mass recruitment around the country or region. The newspaper advertisement builds a massive visibility and potential applicants can be motivated to visit a specialized website to apply online. The collaboration of the online recruitment and the newspaper job advertising is highly advantageous. The newspaper attracts and the online recruitment answers details and makes the job application simple.

The newspaper job advertising needs a robust support from the recruitment process in the company. The people start to call, and they have additional questions. The people do not look for information on the website provided; they usually call the phone number immediately. The HR Recruiter has to be ready to answer questions from potential job applicants and has to keep them motivated to send the job resume.

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